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lhs78 Julia Harrington (Coons)

2008 BIO

Hi guys!!

It's me Julie Coons! (Now Julia Harrington) No, I no longer weight 120, but I am still lottsa fun! This picture of me was taken in a castle in Ireland, on my honeymoon this last May. I have had a few marriages that just didn't make it, but hey, ya just can't win em all!

I would like to say for the record, since my best friend Tina Anderson (Coffman) didn't, that we are still the best of friends! Sometimes I hate that because she can tell me what my next move will be! We will forever be best friends. Soon we will go for a motorcycle ride together. My husband has a really cool Star Straddle Liner. I like to ride on the back, but your butt really gets knumb.

Anyway, I still have three very beautiful daughters. Nessa 23, Jillian 17, and Autumn 12. Nessa has my craziness, Jillian my smarts, and Autumn is a rascal just like me.

I am a licensed cosmetologist. I no longer have my salon, as I got married and moved to Hayden, Idaho. (Anybody want to buy a house in beautiful Spokane Valley?)

I don't have to work anymore. My husband is a builder and he pretty much covers everything. I still work one day a week in a salon at a retirement home because I love the people. The rest of the time I work out in my yard. We have a little farm (10 acres) with a big garden, and lots of cool stuff for me to get my hands dirty.

I power walk 4.5 miles 3 times a week, but it doesn't help much at this age. It allows me to eat ice cream, that's about it. I prefer driving my 2005 Dodge Magnum. Can we say get up and GO! (Bert calls it the "Old Yellow Station Wagon") It looks like a gangster car. I LOVE it!!

I have been to Israel, Ireland, London (for 3 hours lhs78), Mexico, Hawaii, and a variety of other states. Israel was cool, walking where Jesus walked, and seeing where things from the Bible took place. Ireland was awesome with all of the castles, abbys, and ancient artifacts. I was with my wonderful husband, so how could it be bad? Driving sucked!!

I hold a degree in Paralegal, which never panned out, because of the school I went to. It's OK, I couldn't sit behind a desk all day anyway.

I have a five year diploma in Theology, and I am certified to teach it. The trip to Israel was a graduation gift from Mom. I still sing, play flute, and Irish Whistle in harmony, by ear. I was on a Worship Team for 10 years before I moved here. Now we are just settling in to a new church family. I kinda like just standing next to my husband and worshipping, less commitment.

I am a bit of a wine connoisseur. No, that doesn't mean I am a wino!! Remember, I am born again! I prefer Merlot with dinner. My favorite is Arbor Crest, Syrah. I am thinking of trying to make some for a hobby. Maybe I shouldn't though, I might become a wino! It does sound like fun. I always like to learn new stuff.

My life has been pretty messed up, but here I am, a survivor! The break up of my 10.5 year marriage almost did me in, but I had God and my church family there to help me get through it. Now I have been blessed with an awesome man of God! He has the strength and courage of a thousand men! All things are possible through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior! I was worried for a while, but He always comes through! Thank You JESUS!!

Still a hippy! We had a Celtic wedding, May 3 in our yard. Tina was my maid of honor. It was a beautiful day! It had rained all week!

On our honeymoon, in Ireland, it only rained the last day, and a few evenings on the way home from site seeing. This was very unusual for Ireland, or so they told us.

Not sure if I am gonna make it this time. It is a long way there! But hey, never say never! Besides, how can I let Tina go without me!!

Julie Coons (Harrington)
3501 W. Robison Ave
Hayden, ID 83835